Attempt at creating a web based FRC scouting system

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No description provided

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This is my first ever electron app.

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A basic website template

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A sublime text editor for Chrome OS

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Social community for developers

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The Website for https://dullesrobotics.com. Note: Files on this repo may not be live.

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simple lightweight text editor, still a work in progress

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This is not the first and last pandemic. Currently, the information about the pandemic is highly fragmented, especially at the local level. Whereas one can find global information and trackers, it is difficult to find information that is relevant to your community. Furthermore, it is difficult for organizations, funders, companies, volunteers and local leaders to coordinate responses. This puts humanity and local communities at risk. FightPandemics was born to make communities more resilient to pandemics by facilitating access to information and coordinated responses.

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🚀✨ Help beginners to contribute to open source projects

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Online Streaming Sites of Movies and Tv Shows

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A progressive web app for The Blue Alliance.

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